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6 Tips and Tricks to Rock Your Vocal Lessons

1. Record yourself!

It's hard to know what you sound like outside of your own head - listen back to your vocals to see where you can improve and how much progress you've made!

2. Educate yourself!

With the help of an instructor, you can gain much more confidence and skill simply by knowing how the voice works! Not only that, but a vocal coach can also help your find your vocal range and teach you how to sing on pitch!

3. Online Essentials!

Taking a lesson online? Great! Make sure you have access to a stable internet connection and a quiet space (yes, mute your phone too). Don't forget to fully charge your laptop or computer and be sure to prepare your sheet music/lyrics as well as the song track! Be sure to also have some water in arms reach and maintain a lifted body posture!

4. Always Warm Up and Stay Hydrated!

To keep your vocal cords from getting irritated, make sure to warm up your voice every time you're going to sing and stay hydrated.

5. Protect Your Voice!

Know your limits and try not to scream! Protecting your voice is key when taking vocal lessons. You shouldn't anyway, but don't smoke!

6. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Regular practice is the key to bring your vocals to the next level! Keep yourself motivated and inspired by setting aside some time for you to work on your voice as often as you can!

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