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5 Reasons to Put Your Child in Music Lessons

Whether it's joining a soccer team, taking ballet lessons, or learning martial arts, parents often encourage their children to pick up some kind of extracurricular activity. But why should a parent choose to enroll their child in music lessons before anything else?

1. Enhance Academic Achievement

Researchers have found children that take music lessons are far more likely to score better on standardized tests, experience greater increases in IQ, and gain a better understanding of key concepts when compared to their peers that did not. These effects can be seen both at an early age as seen in studies with first graders, as well as in adolescence, as high school students enrolled in music lessons have been correlated to have higher GPAs.

2. Improve Brain Power and Language Skills

Beyond experiencing greater increases in IQ, children that take music lessons have also been shown to have better long-term memory, blood flow, connectivity within the brain, and continued brain plasticity throughout their lives. Music lessons have also been proven to aid in language development and strengthens a child's verbal abilities.

3. Boost Social Skills and Mood

The evidence shows that taking music lessons can improve a child's social skills - particularly when it is in a group. Researchers found that these children were more flexible and had a greater likelihood to have a positive attitude compared to their peers. Kids that lacked the most social skills experienced a far greater benefit. Music lessons can alleviate boredom, loneliness, and tension in children while also fostering a sense of cooperation with others.

4. Develop Character and Encourages Self-Expression

Learning how to play an instrument is no easy feat: it requires dedication, patience, and the ability to motivate one's self. In an age of instant self-gratification, taking music lessons can foster the growth of self-discipline as well. Beyond that, playing an instrument can help a child develop their own self-confidence, encourage a child to express themself, and can bring both immense joy to both a child as well as their family.

5. Strengthens Motor Skills

The benefits extend to other facets of a child's life as well! Research has shown that playing a musical instrument can improve a child's coordination and rhythm.

The list goes on and on! There are tons of perks and the younger a child starts taking lessons the more they gain! The evidence is clear: the benefits of music lessons far outweigh the costs and potential inconvenience it may pose to parents. Interested in enrolling your child in music lessons? Click here to sign them up for a FREE introductory lesson today!

Information thanks to the Edvocate, PBS, and Washington Parent.


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