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Maestro Anoushirvan Rohani

Piano Instructor and Composer

Anoushiravan Rohani is a  very well-known and accomplished Iranian composer and pianist who was born in Rasht, Iran in 1939. Anoushiravan received music lessons from his father Reza Rohani, himself a poet and violinist. Anoushiravan later graduated from the Persian National Music Conservatory in Tehran.
His passion for the keyboard and piano was so great that in 1963, he imported the very first electronic organ to Iran. Aside from the organ, he is also heard playing the accordion in many of his early works.
Anoushiravan Rohani has written and performed with a plethora of famous Iranian & International singers such as Gabriela Fontana, Klause Meine, Emel Sayin, Hayedeh, Pouran & ect… His productive career includes over 500 compositions that includes numerous vocals, orchestral music, piano pieces and film scores, among them “Maybe I Maybe You”, “Soltan-e-Ghalbhaa", “Dele Kuchuloo," and “Gol- e-Sang." His most famous piece, “Tavalodat Mobarak,". The Iranian version of the “Happy Birthday" song is undoubtedly the most often-played Iranian song.
What is unique about Anoushiravan’s accomplishment is his immense success outside of Iran, where he is much admired among international music circles. Indeed, Anoushiravan defines much of his work in the genre of light classical, and a bridge between the Eastern and Western musical traditions. Many of his songs have been performed in different languages in several countries. Indeed, at the end of one of his private concert in June 1978, Edward Heath, the former British prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party, who has served as a guest conductor of The Symphonic Orchestra of Great Britain, in an appreciation letter to Anoushiravan wrote: “I was most impressed with a brilliant technique you displayed. The quality and variety of sound you produced from the instrument was most remarkable." Among the many international honors that Anoushiravan has received, he was awarded the first prize in Spain’s Music Festival for his song Mi Destino (Spanish version of Soltan-e-Ghalbhaa). More recently he has been working with Hanover Opera and Ballet Orchestra in Germany. Today, after nearly a half a century Anoushiravan remains energetic and vibrant as ever and is universally recognized as one of Iran’s finest composer, pianist, and electronic organists.


Tabajara Belo

Classical, Jazz, and Electric Guitar Instructor and Composer

Virtuoso guitar soloist, composer, and arranger, Brazilian musician, Tabajara Belo released two solo albums. He blends his concert programs with classical, Brazilian popular/folk and jazz. He holds a Master's degree in guitar from the University of Arizona. Mr. Belo is a faculty member at the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto and has been constantly performing throughout Brazil, the United States, and Europe. He was recently awarded 2nd place at the prestigious National Prize for Guitar Composition “Novas 3”. Presently, Mr. Belo is a Composition Ph.D. student and Theory and Jazz Teacher Assistant at the University of Florida. He holds a Masters in Guitar Performance from the University of Arizona.


Mandana Khazraei

Persian Classical Voice Instructor

Mrs. Khazraei is an accomplished and renowned Persian vocalist and poet who currently resides in Virginia, USA. She has released several albums and songs including Shabe Tanhaei, Hadise Vafa, Bezan Baran, etc. She is currently offering online group and individual lessons worldwide.


Pamelli Marafon

Kids Music and Piano Instructor & Composer

Pamelli is an experienced piano instructor and composer and has a lot of experience teaching kids especially those with disabilities. Born in Rio Claro-SP, Pamelli Marafon began her artistic career playing guitar in the streets of Birmingham, England. Back in Brazil, she began her piano studies and participated in Quanta Theater Cia. After entering the music course of the Federal University of Ouro Preto she began her research in the field of musical creation, gravitating between composing music for her first CD-Ponteiros, and for theatrical productions. Ponteiros, which was just released to major digital platforms, reveals references to Impressionism, Brazilian instrumental music, and various niches of the popular song.


Arezoo Koochakan

Kids Music and Daf Instructor

Mrs. Koochakan teaches music to kids (5 years and up) and Daf to kids and adults. She has been teaching kids with Orff Schulwerk method for more than 30 years. Mrs. Koochakan currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches online lessons (and in-person in LA). As far as her experience with Daf is concerned, she is the director and founder of LA Daf Ensemble and has performed in several live concerts across the world alongside accomplished singers such as Aref.


Vandad Massah Zadeh

Piano, Accordion, and Daf Instructor

Mr. Massah Zadeh, has been teaching Piano, Daf, and Accordion, for more than 20 years now. He grew up in Tehran, Iran, and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in a family that owned a kindergarten, and they were the pioneers of kid's music instruction in Iran 30 years ago. This is the reason that teaching kids has become his expertise and children just love being in his class.


Kourosh Babaei

Kamanche Instructor and Composer

Kourosh is an Iranian musician, Kamancheh player, composer, music instructor, and performer of classical & traditional music currently living in Toronto. He started music at age 12 & passed a course with Ardeshir Kamkar after a few years he was collaborating with him and his band(Aref). Kourosh has always been known for his techniques and specific taste. Babaei has played with several famous and great Iranian traditional musicians such as Faramarz Payvar, Parviz Meshkatian, Hooshang Zarif… Babaei is one of the Iranian musician pioneers who tried to bring new ideas and started focusing on the fusion style of music. He believes that each region’s music has its own words that should make it simple to the others who is looking to get more knowledge about the region’s music. Two of his recent projects in Babaei recently moved to Toronto to explore and expand more of his music there.


1- Artistic Director/Producer / Recording & Mixing Engineer since 2016 for Borderless Band

2- Albums include Tiba, Borderless, Gypsy, The Noises of Silence.

 "I would love to invite you following me on Spotify, Sound Cloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora."


Human Hajebi

Tar & Setar & Shurangiz Instructor

Human is the director of Persian Music Department at Safa Music Academy. Human is an accomplished Tar & Setar player and composer, Journalist, Researcher, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey. Human has been featured in several magazines and newspapers across Turkey. Human is the founder of an organization called Iranian musicians in Turkey. He has released several albums including Tanha to Mimani, and I am Mahshid.


Ryan Gamberino

Saxophone Instructor

Ryan studies music performance at the University of Florida. He focuses his studies in classical saxophone but also frequently plays jazz, funk, and brass band music. He is a published artist and loves working with his students on a personal level developing their musical expression and performing abilities.


Lindsay Gassman

Clarinet and Piano Instructor

Lindsay currently studies music education and clarinet performance with Mitchell Estrin at the University of Florida and studied piano with Priscilla Heffield for 10 years. Growing up, Lindsay was inspired by her teachers to continue pursuing music and has taught private music lessons to a variety of students since 2017. Because of her love for performing and mentoring, Lindsay is dedicated to helping students experience the joy of music-making by way of finding their own voice, fundamentals, and of course, fun!

"My goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment where students are free to learn, make mistakes, and grow from them. By supporting each student's unique goals, I aim to help my students become the best versions of themselves in music and in life."


Ehsan Mirbaha

Piano Instructor

Ehsan Mirbaha is a pianist, composer and instructor. He was born in Tehran and began learning piano performance from age 15 under the supervision of several maestros in Tehran. He started teaching piano from 2015 and he gained popularity among piano students in Tehran before his immigration to the U.S.A because of his interesting method of instructing. He began composing music in the last couple of years for his instrumental music album and it is in the final steps. 
"I strongly believe that the emotion and feeling music students put into their music talks much louder than the notes they play."


Jack Davis

Double Bass and Bass Guitar Instructor

Jack Davis started playing electric bass in seventh grade with his middle school jazz band, and then began playing upright bass in eighth grade, continuing to pursue both in high school jazz and concert band and beyond. At the end of his junior year, Jack received the Louis Armstrong award, given to students for "outstanding musical achievement and an incredible dedication to the program," and was the youngest recipient in the history of his school. Since high school, Jack has studied various forms of music stemming from jazz, including neo-soul, hip hop, rock, and RnB. He also has a keen appreciation and understanding for music theory, which is essential knowledge to be able to play any style of music.


Nico Lembo

Drums Instructor

Nico Lembo was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida and started playing drums after learning from his father. He graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, and has over 20 years of playing and teaching experience. Nico currently lives in Atlanta with his wife Melissa, dog Sully, and cat Harley.

"I am a professional music teacher with over 20 years of playing and teaching experience. I am very excited to be teaching for Safa Music Academy."


Rebecca Ruescher

Kids' Music & Vocal Instructor

Rebecca is a choral conductor, singer, and educator from Long Island, New York. Rebecca has been studying classical piano and voice for more than a decade, and she specializes in teaching and conducting choral ensembles. As a choral singer, Rebecca has toured domestically and internationally and has collaborated with the NY Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Rebecca is passionate about teaching young children and believes that a firm foundation in music is invaluable to a healthy and well-rounded education. Rebecca holds a Master of Music in choral conducting from the Westminster Choir College and a Bachelor of Arts in music and psychology from Amherst College.

"I think everyone can grow and discover through music. I hope that through my teaching about music, I not only develop technical skills in my students, but also help them to learn about themselves, about their relationships with others, and about the world around them."


Alireza Shahmohammadi

Classical Persian Voice Instructor

Alireza Shahmohammadi is recognized as one of today's finest singers in Iran and a master of Persian classical music repertoires. He grew up in a musical family and has devoted his life to traditional Persian music and literature. He has extensive credits performing with such legendary musicians including Maestros Ali Asghar Bahari, Mohammadreza Lotfi, and Mohammadreza Shajarian. He began his musical studies at the age of 8 under the direction of his father and continued his studies with Maestro Hatam Asgari Farahani. In addition to learning complete aspects of Radif of Persian Classical music, Shahmohammadi continued studying the Old Songs (tasnifs) with Maestro Ali Asghar Bahari. Shahmohammadi has been an active singer for over twenty years, working at the National Iranian Radio and Television, teaching, researching, composing and performing numerous concerts throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. His last concert was a collaboration with the legendary Indian musician Pandit Swapan Chaudhure in Z space, San Francisco. He has fifteen published albums. His last released album, “Majnoon,” is a collaboration with Theodore Bikel (the actor and singer of Fiddler on the Roof).  Currently, he lives in Los Angeles, where he teaches Persian Classical vocal Radif and hosts a radio show which is called Haft khan_e_ Moosighi in Radio Hamrah for the last three years. This educational program introduces vocal techniques and Persian classical music structures to the Iranian community. He is currently working on a new style of fusion music which is a combination of traditional Persian music and the concept of Tarab based on Rumi and Hafez poetries.


Safa Amiri, PhD

Founder, CEO, Violin & Solfege Instructor

Safa is the founder and CEO of Safa Music Academy. Safa holds a PhD in chemical engineering from New Mexico State University. Safa has been teaching violin, music theory, and solfege for over 15 years now and he has played for several symphony orchestras worldwide from middle east, to Leeds Symphony, UK and New Mexico Symphony, USA. 

"Even though I am a chemical engineer by education, I always knew that I wanted to become a professional Music Instructor. In fact, I can’t imagine anything else in life that would bring me such reward or satisfaction. I’ve been teaching since 2005 and truly believe that anyone who puts in the time and effort to practice can succeed. As I lived on different continents, I noticed how hard it is for students to find a professional,reliable, and friendly music instructor and continue the music education for an extended period. I also realized how hard it is for the music instructors to find the students to teach. That was the reason I established this academy to help both students and instructors find each other and create a community of music lovers. I don’t believe money should stand in the way of learning, which is why I’m proud to offer a range of classes at affordable prices. " 


Kaveh Sarvarian

Ney, Flute, and Music Theory Instructor (English, Spanish, and Farsi)

Kaveh holds Master of Composition from the University of Art in Tehran. During his long career he has played in different countries. In Iran he was a member of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra (transverse flute), Rastak Ensemble (Folk Wind Instruments), Naima Persian Jazz Fusion (Flute, ney, tombak).

He has been a lecturer at the University of Art of Tehran, in the Department of Music and Composition. He immigrated to Madrid about eight years ago, and he currently directs the Parsinava ensemble where he explores jazz sonorities within traditional Persian music. And he co-directs with the dancer Patricia Álvarez; Kereshmeh, innovative project where based on the compositions of his last album of the same title, the folk languages ​​integrated into a contemporary scenic conception are explored. And he also collaborates and forms part of other formations, Darawish (Arabic-Mediterranean fusion music, The Silk Road, Capella de Ministrers and Carles Magraner, Eduardo Paniagua …

He has four discs published, Parisan (Quartets for Ney), Persian Rug (Flute duo and piano), Avareh (Jazz fusion), Ofogh, Sonido del oriente (Persian music on a trip to Spain) and Kereshmeh (new perspective of Persian music)

He also is the author of three didactic books, “The Comprehensive Method of Ney “, ” Persian Music Ornamentation for Ney” , and” Tombak Method “.

Prize as the Best Composer at the International Festival of Fadjr and the Best Soundtrack at the National Media Festival of Iran.


Yalda Abbasi

Dutar Instructor

Yalda Abbasi is an Iranian musician, Dutar instrumentalist and singer of folklore, Kurdish and Maqam music. Born 02 December 1987 in town Shirvan, North Khorasan Province; and grew up in town Quchan, Razavi Khorasan Province-IRAN. She is currently a classical singing student of Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan-Italy.

Yalda began learning Dutar playing from 1999 with some of the great artists in town Quchan, like Maestro Majid Ahmadi, Abasalat Rastgoo, Ramazan Bardari and Mohammad Yeganeh. She finished the further stages of its research in the field of Dutar's Maqam in Khorasan with Maestro Mojtaba Khan Qayataghi. She has collaborated with several art groups in the city of Quchan, and has won a number of festivals as a Soloist for Dutar.

In 2008, she played in the documentary film "Thrigha" by Mohammad Hosein Daman Zan. This film was about the life of female musicians and singers in the Khorasan district, also this film won several domestic and international festivals, like the Turquoise Statue and the Truth of Cinema.

¨My mother was the first and great coach to me, and also all of my success is because of the great supports from her¨, she said. 

Yalda learned the folkloric and Maqam songs from her mother and her paternal aunt that she was known as the Lady of Shirvani “Mah Banoo Abbasi”, and Persian songs of Maestro “Reza Shakeri”. Also, shehas been the student of Maestro Hamid Reza Nourbakhsh and Parvaz Homay for the classical singing techniques. 

In 2014, she performed with "Parvaz Homay" and the "Mastan Music Band" in a tour in 10 European countries. Her live performances include Women's Festival on Women's Day and Youth Festival in Turkey, Germany, Switzerland; and also performed at the Iranian Women's Festival in Berlin and etc with her mother. She has had cooperation with the “Kurdistan Philharmonic Orchestra” at the Iranian Culture and Arts Festival in the city of “Sanandaj”.

In 2018, she was introduced by the “Kurdistan Maf Organization”, as a Cultural Ambassador for the "Maine Free World" in support of the affected children by the Maine blast.

In September 2018, she started a good collaboration for a song with the name “Das Goldene Tor” in new album “Morgenstund” by the great German Electronic music band “SCHILLER”. This album was released on 22nd March 2019 in Berlin by Sony Music. Also she will be cooperative with the SCHILLER group at their new concerts “Arena Tour” on May 2019 in Germany.
[12:03 PM, 9/22/2020] Yalda Abbasi: 


Sina F. Ghaffari

Tombak & Tabla Instructor

Iranian-Kurdish born percussionist Sina Fakhroddin Ghaffari has mastery over multiple Persian and Middle Eastern percussion instruments including his principal instrument, Tombak, and the Kurdish Daf. Earlier trained under his uncle, Tombak player Saeed Abbasi, his playing embodies numerous styles of maestros such as Bahman Rajabi, Pedram Khavar Zamini, and Navid Afghah, as he took guidance from all mentioned maestros. Fakhroddin has lived in India for the past 18 years performing and collaborating with top musicians from throughout India and has shared the stage with artists such as Abida Parveen and Hansraj Hans. On the other hand, he has collaborated with topmost maestros of Persian music such as Hamid Motebassem, Ardeshir Kamkar, and Behdad Babaie. 
He has received his Bachelor's, Master and M.Phil degree in Hindustani Classical Music from Delhi University and has also accomplished his Ph.D. Fakhroddin has spoken in seminars, both national and international, on Indian and Iranian music and percussion, the Raaga-Taal system of Indian Classical music, and Music therapy and has written many articles and translated several books on Indian music from English to Farsi.  He has taught at the Lancers International School, a branch of Cambridge University, and also taught as a visiting lecturer in Tehran Art University as well as the music department of Tehran University. 
In 2008 He founded the Viuna Music Ensemble with whom he has toured across India in the festivals Sufi Darbar, Ruhaniyat, Jahan-e-Khusrau, Jamal-e-Begum-Akhtar, and many more.  He is the founder of Weme (World Ethnic Music Ensemble) encompassing musicians from different disciples such as Jazz, Indian, Persian classical and Western classical music, these musicians belong to India, Iran, the USA, France and Mexico. He has performed in prestigious festivals in many countries including France, Germany, Switzerland, Russian, Norway, Netherlands, India, South Africa, Iran, Thailand, Singapore and UAE.


Alireza Tavakolli

Voice and Keyboard Instructor

Alireza is an accomplished musician, voice instructor, and composer at Safa Music Academy. Besides singing, he is also an advanced keyboard and guitar player with several years of experience playing in orchestra, bands, and theater performances. Alireza is also well-familiar with digital composition and recording processes and has made several successful compositions so far.


Ali Miraghasi

Santour Instructor

Ali Miraghasi, is an experienced musician and composer with a specialization in animation music currently living in Vancouver, CA. Some of Ali´s professors include but not limited to maestros including but not limited to Pashang Kamkar,  Farhad Fakhreddini, and Amir Eslami. Ali received his bachelors degree in drawing from Tehran University in 1996 and he has been featured in several magazines and exhibitions throughout the world.


Soudabeh Badiei

Gheychak Instructor

Soudabeh Babiei orginally from Isfahan , started her musical journey at the age of five by playing the piano. Later on at age of eight, she pursued studying Violin in classical style with Hovik Baghoumian. She also took lessons from great musicians like Sasan Sepanta, Ali Tajvidi, and Masoud Hasankhani , Saeed Farajpouri, and completed her knowledge of musical genres in traditional style.
In 2005 she was instructed to play the traditional instrument of Gheichak Alto by Reza Abaee. Soudabeh also performed in different bands like Vancouver Symphony Orchestra(VSO),"Khojasteh Band" conducted by Susan Aslani ( Dehlavi), and " Hasankhani Band ".


Arezoo Rezvani

Santur Instructor

While a child Arezoo Rezvani showed an interest in music and dance. She started to play santur at the age of 18.  She was tutored for one year by Korlush Ashigh in Esfehan, Iran. Then followed the music academically.
Due to her hard and dedicated work, she could pass the music university entrance examination. She was on the first series of students who entered Gilan university. She was graduated from the same university with a master degree in Persian music. During the academic studies, she had the chance to learn from the masters such as Ardevan Kamkar, Aydin Alinasab and Afra Atrae. During the course of her studies, she was also tutoring some students. 
She founded and directed the first lady’s orchestra of Persian musical instruments. Arezoo Rezvani was honored to take part in grand maestro Mohammad Reza Lotfis courses. Afterward, she started to play music internationally.
Her first international concert was in Netherland. Then she was invited to Germany by maestro Mario Taghadossi the great opera master and singer. That was her first step to start musical activities in Europe. During her activities in Europe, Morat Joshkan the percussion instruments player had an important role in her artistic career. They have cooperated in an album called vision which is available in the European market. Arezoo has performed many concerts in Europe such as the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, and Turkey. She is cooperating with many top musicians and has done great efforts to introduce Santur and Persian music out Iranian borders.


Mahsa Shahbazian

Qanun Instructor

Mahsa started music with Piano at the age of 10. Mahsa holds a bachelor's degree in Qanun performance from Tehran Art University. She currently lives in Turkey and has performed with several orchestras and ensembles worldwide as well as international festivals including Klangwerk Tage in Germany, and Highfest festival in Armenia.


Siamak Khoshnevisan

Cajon Instructor

Siamak is a professional percussionist and Cajon player currently living in Istanbul Turkey. Siamak is the founder and director of Mac Music Corporation which is a music production company in Istanbul, Turkey.


Ahu Irani

Lyra Instructor

Lyra is originally a Greek pear-shaped three-stringed bowed instrument. Ahu who currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey, started music with Tanbur and then moved on to Lyra as she was fascinated with its beautiful sound. She is currently teaching Lyra online (In-Person in Istanbul) at Safa Music Academy .


Milad Moghaddam

Tonbak and Hand Drum Instructor

Milad teaches Tonbak and Hand Drum at Safa Music Academy. He currently lives in Germany and has had more than 15 years of experience in teaching Tonbak and Hand Drums to kids and adults.

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