Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ

How is payment handled through Safa Music Academy?

The payment on our website works through direct payment (for those reside in the US) or PayPal for international payments. PayPal charges a small percentage for international transfers.
Students can pay for 4 sessions up front.

How much does it cost to take lessons from Safa Music Academy?

The first lesson at Safa Music Academy is always free so that students have an opportunity to meet the instructor and see if the class meets their needs. 
After that, the student can sign up for 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute classes. The cost of the class depends on the instructor. For detailed information on pricing please visit the pricing section of the website.

Is there a trial period?

We have a FREE first lesson policy so the student meets the instructor and see how his/her goals are aligned with those of the instructor.

Can I book just one lesson at a time?

Yes, absolutely.

How long is each lesson?

The lessons can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes long.

Is there a cancellation or rescheduling policy for lessons?

Any rescheduling/cancellation request should take place at least 3 days prior to the class. After that, there will not be any refund for the canceled class. However, for emergency cases, the instructor might work with the student to have a makeup session.

How does lesson recording work?

The online classes are held through Zoom which has a recording feature. All the classes are recorded and will be sent to the students upon the completion of each lesson.

How do I coordinate time zones to schedule a lesson with Safa Music Academy?

We work with the students to set up a time that works for both the student and the instructor. 


Student FAQ

Are lessons online or in person?

Until further notice, all classes are held online. Once the pandemic has slowed down, for the time being, in-person lessons will only be available in Gainesville Florida.

How do I start my lesson?

Students need to first sign up for the FREE first lesson and after that, the instructor will walk them through the process.

Will I receive a refund if there was bad internet connection and I was unable to have a successful lesson?

Students are expected to have a reliable internet connection and have access to PC/Laptop/Tablet/ or smartphones for the online classes. However,  if the low internet speed is just temporary, the instructor might work with the student to reschedule the lesson for another time.

How do I pay for a lesson?

Both domestic (in the US) and international students are able to pay through the website. However, the international student can only process the payment through PayPal which has been enabled on our website. 

What equipment do I need to take a lesson from Safa Music Academy?

Students are expected to have access to a reliable internet connection and a PC/Laptop/Tablet/smartphone for the online class.

How do I choose an instructor from Safa Music Academy?

Depending on what level of expertise the student is at, he/she could sign up for beginner/intermediate/or advanced classes available under the Book a Lesson section of our website, which can be found as a tab at the top of the page.

How can I communicate with my instructor?

Students and instructors are able to communicate through the forum on our website. The students can also contact their instructors via email.

How do I reschedule a lesson?

Students need to contact the instructor through email or through the forum.


Instructors FAQ

How do I become an instructor?

All applicants need to fill out the application in order to be considered. Please visit the Instructor Application by hovering over the "Instructors" tab at the top of the page.

How will Safa Music Academy help me find students to teach?

Safa Music Academy has access to numerous resources that connects the students to the instructors. Also, once hired, the instructor will be constantly introduced through Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

How much experience do I need to become an instructor for Safa Music Academy?

Our instructors are from different backgrounds with different levels of expertise. We welcome applications from all levels and categorize instructors into three groups: beginners, intermediate, or advanced.  After that, we will match the students with the instructor whose expertise level has been sought by the student.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please reach out to us and we will provide you the answer as soon as we can!


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