About Us

Safa Music Academy was founded by violin instructor Safa Amiri in January 2020. From first picking up an instrument at age 8 to performing with symphony orchestras worldwide, Safa’s passion for music has been a common thread throughout his life.

He has taught music lessons for over 15 years; his love for the subject led him to create this music academy - a space where students and instructors could build a community centered on a shared love of music.  

“The reason I established this academy is to help both students and instructors find each other and create a community of music lovers,” says Safa. “I always knew that I wanted to become a professional Music Instructor. In fact, I can’t imagine anything else in life that would bring me such reward or satisfaction.”

Safa Music Academy offers online access to a world-class diverse music education for a global community of students, while also providing in-person lessons within the Gainesville, Florida community. From guitar to solfege, we offer lessons on a wide range of instruments and facets of music theory taught by our 20+ skilled instructors. 


(352) 559-4899

1315 S Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601, USA

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